I’m Crystal–an ambitious soul fueled by café and positivity. Dedicated to helping you create and welcome positive change and transformation in your personal and professional life. 

I believe when we say yes to ourselves and give full permission to show up functioning at our best, everyone around us benefits. I wholeheartedly believe that we each have the power within us to create positive change in our life, our community and the world.

As a young girl I enjoyed multiple things. Loved school, music, dancing, astronomy, art, and the list went on. In college I discovered there was a perfect major for me: Integrated Studies Special Major. Finally someone gets me! I was able to integrate majors…what? I was like, integrate all the majors! Okay, I didn’t do that. I did however, integrate Business and Collaborative Health and Human Services. I chose these two because I’ve always been fascinated by business, and been driven by service. During high school, college and post college I held many different jobs ranging from a server, librarian, staff assistant, buyer, case manager, and hospitality director, to name a few 😉  For most of my adulthood I worked full-time while also working on multiple projects or businesses on the side.


For a long time I wondered if this was it for me, going from job to job because of my inability to focus on one thing and the curiosity of what else is out there for me. The internal battle was real. What I did not realize was the projects and side businesses along with the experience gained in the many jobs, was preparing me for my life purpose. The multi-passions are my gifts, and I’ve learned to embrace them. All of them.

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When I took a leap of faith and left the 9-5, I became fascinated and in love with personal development. I invested in events, books, courses and coaches. I learned the importance of having a solid community of support. As an aspiring entrepreneur, it was the journey that led me to make positive changes and experience a number of personal transformations. It was my journey that led to my purpose and a major reminder of what brings me the most joy and fulfillment. Creating and being of service, which brings me to present day and the formation of Colibri & Co. I am beyond thrilled to help others on their journey and create a platform that focuses on spreading more love and positivity into the world.

To learn more on how you can implement practical tools that will help you create positive change in your personal and professional life, I invite you to visit our blog and events page. If you wish to spark joy and smiles, check out our our new apparel & accessories!
I am so happy we have connected here and I would love to get to know YOU better. Come say hola on IG or Facebook @colibriandco
Cheering you on!
Tu amiga,

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Chester Ruiz

Multicultural Business Development Director

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