The Emerging Entrepreneur Mastermind

The Emerging Entrepreneur Virtual Mastermind

Join our supportive community of aspiring entrepreneurs this coming November 2021.

So, What is the "Emerging Entrepreneur Virtual Mastermind”?

“I know what it’s like to be on the entrepreneurial journey. It’s freakin’ lonely and hard! Especially if you are the first in your family or the first in your circle of friends to take on this path full of unknowns. It’s so scary and exciting at the same time. I create masterminds because I wish I had this support when I was first starting out. I wish I had a community of like-minded souls. I wish I didn’t feel so alone.”

– Message from Colibri & Co’s Founder, Crystal


A supportive community created to help you go from an ambitious aspiring entrepreneur to a confident action-taking entrepreneur. The aligned and unstoppable kind!

What I’ve learned in the last decade of my life is you do not have to do this alone. This Mastermind will provide you with the foundation of support you need to emerge into a confident action-taker and jump start your business.

So let me ask you, are you currently feeling:

Lonely in your journey?
Like you have so many ideas but no one really gets you?
Overwhelmed, you’ve started to take on this path, and feel like, now what?
Questioning yourself A LOT, to the point where you are feeling the insecurities creep in?
Stuck with no motivation to keep going?

If this sounds like you, I totally get you!
I am here to welcome you to a community that will have you feeling seen, supported with a true sense of belonging. I will hold you accountable to your dreams. I along with other industry experts will provide you with practical tools that will help you believe in yourself, breakthrough blocks such as limiting beliefs around worth, money and success. Tools that you can apply immediately in your life and business. I am here to be in your corner and to tell you that feeling stuck comes from lack of experience, but fear not, working with me and a group of other leaders will give you perspective and new experiences that will have you feeling motivated to create real momentum.

My friend, you have all the potential in the world to turn your dreams into a reality. If you don’t believe that yet, you WILL when you experience this mastermind. You will make drastic shifts and transform into the confident leader you need to become to jump start your business. Are you ready to develop a CEO mindset?  Ready to end the year strong and jump-start your 2022 even stronger? LFG!

Hola! I’m Crystal, Your Facilitator & Mindset Coach

I have so much to share with you! How I created a hobby into a business, how to be resilient during challenging times, how to use your gifts in your business and how to step into that CEO mindset so you can more easily jump start YOUR business.

In this last decade one of my events now in its tenth year, has become one of the most exciting and reputable events of its kind in the country! In the year that felt like a decade (2020) I was able to re-launch my business Colibri & Co. and in the middle of a global pandemic I facilitated four masterminds and launched an apparel shop. In the midst of doing all of this, I recognized a pattern. I was attracting aspiring entrepreneurs into my work, and then it clicked, I was filling a void and something inside of me lit up. I LOVE working with aspiring entrepreneurs! This is how the Emerging Entrepreneur Mastermind was born.

In this Mastermind I will share parts of my story to save you years of struggle. How I went from shy to confident, from feeling major mom guilt to no more guilt and from feeling alone in my journey to creating meaningful connections that has led to success in my businesses. Most importantly, I will teach you the unlimited possibilities you have with entrepreneurship. One of my superpowers is that I can see the potential in almost any problem life and business throws at us, but I especially can see the potential in people. People like YOU. There’s always potential for positive growth in not just life but also in business. In this Mastermind we will collectively take our business problems and see them through their fullest potential. Now, that’s something to get excited about!

This Mastermind Embodies:
Community, Connection and Collaboration


A safe, supportive community for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs to learn and grow together. An accountability support system to help you stay the course and achieve your goals. In this community, I will be your facilitator and mindset coach. When I say we don’t have to do this journey alone, that includes me too! That is why I will invite and welcome industry experts to our community–these experts will help propel you forward in your life and business. I invite experts that I have personally worked with, who have helped me in my business. They are individuals I trust.


This is an opportunity to reconnect with yourSELF and make new meaningful connections with others. Learning how to have an authentic relationship with yourself and others will help you emerge into a powerful leader in your industry. You will learn how to show up as your truest and highest version of yourself which will help you attract your ideal clients and your very own community.


A golden rule for entrepreneurs…if you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Collaboration is key to a successful business. You will get comfortable with the uncomfortable. You will learn how to pitch yourself, how to deal with rejection, how to show up on-line or social media and how to reach individuals you wish to work with. You will gain the confidence and clarity you need to polish your story and message. By the end of this mastermind, you will be on your way to some exciting collabs and that means expanding your reach and exposure.

Session Dates

(Below are the weeks we will schedule our sessions, specific days TBD):

Week of November 1st, 2021

Session 1: Kick Off

Week of November 15th, 2021

Session 2

Week of December 1st, 2021

Session 3 with Industry Experts

Week of December 13th, 2021

Session 4

Week of January 3rd, 2021

Session 5 with Industry Experts

Week of January 17th, 2021

Session 6

Week of January 24th, 2021

Session 7

When you join this mastermind you get:

  • 7 (90 minute) virtual zoom group session (every other week)
  • 2 (2 hour) power sessions with industry experts (part of the 7 overall sessions)
  • 2 (30 minute) calls with Crystal Murphy(accountability & strategy planning)
  • Private online community to stay connected during and after the mastermind
  • Hot seat opportunities to tap into the extensive knowledge of the entire group
  • Access to zoom recordings
  • Individual and group support via text throughout the 90 days and beyond
  • Fun bonuses I sneak in!

Some of the specific topics we will cover:

  • Business possibilities
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Goal setting
  • Self-Awareness & Intentional Action
  • Story/Messaging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Structure (DBA, LLC, etc.)
  • Discover your potential!

Time to make a decision…

It’s amazing to think one decision can completely change the trajectory of our life. Only you know deep down inside what you want for yourself, if this mastermind is giving you the feels of expansion, excitement and some butterflies in your stomach all I can say is, there is magic on the other side of these feelings. Trust me, I’ve been there. Saying yes to the opportunities that scare us a little (or a lot in a healthy way 😉 is where I’ve seen major growth. If you are ready to learn and grow with other supportive individuals and a coach to keep you accountable, the time is now. Let’s go! You and your dreams are worth it.

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$1,999 paid in full
$699 montly installments (3 months)