Chester Ruiz

Chester, a social activist and an experienced real estate entrepreneur and industry leader. His big why is to help the next generation achieve the American Dream thru homeownership and education. Chester provides his marketing experience and develops strategic marketing plans to increase the capacity of small businesses and start ups of non profits to serve the needs of the Latino community.

Chester was instrumental in helping Cesar Chavez organize the Salinas Farmworker Strike in 1970, the largest agricultural strike in the history of the USA. He also played a part in helping to organize the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, NAHREP. The largest Latino trade group in the Country. In addition Chester is the Co Founder of Latino STEM a non profit dedicated to ending the digital divide by inspiring the next generation of Latino tech leaders.

Colibri and Company is building a positive platform which is focused on spreading more love, light and positivity in to the world. Chester is committed to utilizing his experience and network to help Colibri advance the transformation necessary to achieve love, light and positivity in our lives, communities and the world. We are fortunate to work with Chester!

Chester’s greatest accomplishment is raising his five children to be productive citizens and caring adults. In addition Chester is the primary caregiver for his 100 year old immigrant Dad. “Our greatest privilege is to serve and to leave a legacy of hope and prosperity for the next generation, Si Se Puede!” –Chester Ruiz