The Thought, the Journey and the Emergence…

Emerge! Mastermind: A Mastermind for Ambitious Women

On October 20, 2020 the first Emerge! Mastermind concluded. I was not sure what to expect given this was the first Mastermind group I’ve hosted. How am I feeling now? I am so glad I decided to host 7 ambitious women week after week for the duration of this Mastermind. It exceeded mine and the members’ expectations! The connections that were made, the progress and growth amongst the members had me feeling proud. It had me feeling excited and ready to create space for more like-minded women. Although this first group will no longer meet virtually, we continue to stay in contact on-line. We continue to cheer each other on and continue to show up for each other. The synergy remains, well after our last session on October 20th.  I look forward to the day we can meet in-person for even deeper connections.

So, what exactly is a Mastermind?

I first learned of a Mastermind when I read Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. “No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.” Ah yes, the master mind. I also love the metaphor of electric batteries used in this book to describe a Mastermind. The idea that a group of electric batteries provides more energy than only a single battery and, “…a group of brains coordinated (or connected) in a spirit of harmony will provide more thought-energy than a single brain, just as a group of electric batteries will provide more energy than a single battery.” It is no surprise that all of the successful men in the book (published 1937) such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone were acquainted. As you can imagine, their success, especially Henry Ford’s, came during and after he was acquainted with such brain power. Wow, to be a fly on the wall at those round table discussions. Better yet, to be a member and have a seat at the table. Would my brain power multiply? Absofreakinlutely!

Fast forward to today’s Masterminds—many of them are invite-only, some strictly for men and many with a hefty price tag, ranging from $500 to $100,000 for a year membership or a weekend Mastermind retreat. There are, of course, Masterminds that cost less, or nothing at all. Others are co-ed and for women only, but given the roles women had in the workforce and society when Masterminds were introduced, it was understandable why women did not have a seat at the table. My thoughts on that coming up!

My Search for a Mastermind:

When I learned more about Masterminds and what they could do for me and others, I quickly went on a search for one that I could be a member of.  For some context, I live in California and have a wonderful network of friends and colleagues, but when I started to reach out to them and ask if they knew of any local Masterminds, the common answer was, “no.” A couple stated they too were looking for something similar but no luck finding one either. My search kept on. I decided to call a friend of mine—our sons played ball together and I knew he was a successful business owner, so I thought why not? What do I have to lose? I invited him to coffee and talked to him about some business ideas and then asked if he knew of a Mastermind group. He surely did. I knew he would. But unfortunately for me, it was accessible only to elite men. Bummer!

So, I wait this out, I think about my next move and start searching for a Mastermind outside my local area and go on-line. I find one in Los Angeles (about 5 hours south of where I live.) I was ready to make the hefty investment. Thinking of all the ways to come up with the $10,000. What can I sell? What can I create? How much can I put on a credit card? Were some of the questions that I asked, but then when we least expected and what came in like a wrecking ball (if you are now singing Miley Cyrus, my bad) but yes, what came in like a wrecking ball is what we are all now very familiar with: Covid-19. So, no Mastermind for me. I’m now sheltering in place. March and April felt like a decade, but now I am a feeling a bit discouraged and also the stubborn person that I am, I cannot let the Mastermind go.


What I do After my Search Concludes:

After a couple more months pass, I decide I am going to host a Mastermind. Although I do not consider myself an expert facilitator, I do have experience leading and facilitating groups. Of course I was nervous about the idea, the self-doubt crept in but what gave me the confidence to do it was the need of connection and community. I love building community and my experience with organizing, I thought I would give it a shot. Another thought I had was if I am in need and craving something like a Mastermind, there may very well be other women who might need this too. The women that feel stuck working from home.  The women who also want a seat at the table. The women who want access to like-minded individuals but don’t want to travel hundreds of miles. The women who have lost clarity and purpose because our lives completely changed from one day to the next. All of these reasons gave me this sense of urgency to host a Mastermind. So that’s exactly what I did.

My Mastermind with a Twist!

It’s safe to say I’m a bit of a nonconformist, so it was only natural of me to host a Mastermind with a twist. Although I did focus on some of the traditional ways a Mastermind is held based on my research and findings, I wanted to also focus on the inner-work, introspection. I have experience with my self-discovery journey, I’ve been coached and have had some wonderful mentors. So, I thought adding the inner-work would make an excellent add. Women already wear a lot of hats, throw in a pandemic to the mix, we are now wearing way too many which can cause more stress, more anxiety, more more more. Naturally with adding more to our plates, we can easily steer away from our goals and ambitions. The solution? Let’s work on ourselves, but not by ourselves. Create a sacred and supportive space where we feel safe to show up as ourselves and feel empowered to grow both personally and professionally. Having a support system during challenging times makes all the difference—it’s that invisible, intangible force, the collective energy and brain power that we need to keep us going, to keep us connected in a disconnected time.

What is needed for a Successful Mastermind?

In order for a Mastermind to be successful in my opinion, we need the following:

  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Participation
  • Members
  • Host/Facilitator

It is important to select members that will contribute to the group energy. Being a member of the Mastermind should benefit and empower everyone involved. As the host, I focused on the energy of each member and making sure the Mastermind flowed well, most importantly making sure there was a safe space to express and share thoughts, resources and ideas. My benefit was knowing that the space created and the speakers introduced to the group along with the topics we covered, made a difference and provided value to all members.


Here is a capture of one of our guest speakers of Emerge! Mastermind, Ana Lilia. Ana Lilia is a celebrated breathwork coach and intuitive healer, who’s practice focuses on breath as a pathway for transformation. During our breathwork session, our members experienced unexpected ways to open up to allow release of stagnant energy and to reconnect with their power within. Yes, please! Breathwork is a practical tool to have and learning how and when to apply it in our lives is a true gift. This is an example of the inner-work provided which is then followed by beautiful and powerful conversations.


The Outcomes of the Mastermind:

The Mastermind served as a confirmation that we are indeed powerful beings even in challenging times and because of this, many of the women were able to get their groove back, their ambitions and the steps and support needed to achieve them. For some, it was a complete transformation. That’s what the power of the master mind can do, it can transform us, change us for the better. Circling back to the topic of women having a seat at the table—I want to be sure to provide the opportunity for women to know they do have a seat at the table in this Mastermind. They bring the brain power and lots of value—together we are a collective force and together we emerge, we expand the way we think and transform the way we live, and that is the greatest outcome of all.

What is Next?

I am not done searching for a Mastermind to be a part of, I want to learn more about being on the participant side and grow and learn from new people, but for now I will continue to hold space for women. Organizing a Mastermind takes a lot of energy, time and commitment and learning how it helped this first group and the feedback received, I am happy to say that I will offer Emerge! Mastermind once again. Let’s end the year strong together and start the year a more confident and powerful YOU.


Emerge! Mastermind offers ambitious women a seat at the table and because I want to make this accessible to as many women as possible my commitment is to make the investment affordable, with options.

The second Mastermind kicks off Tuesday, December 8, 2020. If you know an ambitious woman, or if you are that ambitious women looking for community, connection, support and wish to grow personally and professionally,  I invite you to visit Emerge! Mastermind for more details.


Cheering you on!

Tu amiga,