Why I Completely Reframed My Business During a Pandemic, and Now Starting a Blog

Hi! I’m Crystal Murphy and I want to welcome you to my blog. Wow, never did I ever think I’d say that, “my blog.” But, here we are! 

I started this blog to serve as a resource for anyone looking to make positive change in their personal and professional life. What does that even mean? Well, if you are looking to grow personally and professionally, you will have to make changes (willingly) and if I can be of help, then I’m happy to put into words what I know about positivity and the benefits that come along with it. I hope this blog will inspire you to attract and welcome positive change that can ultimately lead to personal transformation. Are you down for that? If so, you better believe I will be in your corner cheering you on.

Change is never easy and you don’t have to go through it alone…

If there’s something you should know about me is that I love connecting and building community. I believe it is imperative to have support while welcoming and creating change. Perhaps not all change requires a community of support, but I’m all about letting it be known to someone or a group of people so they know where you are trying to go, what you are trying to do, so they can keep YOU accountable. Yes, friend. Accountability will get your booty out of bed when you don’t feel like doing that thing but you promised Veronica that you would show up, and now it’s hard not to do that thing. Right? We have a better chance at achieving when those around us cheer us on and lift us up.

Something else to know about me is that I’m multi-passionate. I have an interest in many things! This is something I never understood how to handle, so just giving you the heads up now because I’ll talk about it quite a bit. 😉 Where I am truly focusing a lot of my time right now is how I can become better. A better mom, wife, daughter, sister, tía, friend and leader. This requires leveling up on all levels. Speaking of leveling up…

One thing I recently did that I feel is important to mention is that I completely reframed by business. It’s important because perhaps you might be thinking it’s time for you to do this too, whether it’s a business or a career change, it’s all relatable to change, and dedicating ourselves to something that gives us hope and happiness creates this magical vibe within us that inspires us to continuously show up for ourselves. When that happens, everyone around us benefits.

Reframing my business…

My business initially started off as an event consulting business and due to Covid-19 I knew the event industry was about to take some drastic turns, so I needed to really dig deep and the questions that got me there were: is event consulting the way to go AND is this really what I want to dedicate myself to? I worked with a transformational life coach and she helped me realize that no, that’s not where my heart was and no, that’s not what I want to dedicate the rest of my life to. What I realized was I chose event consulting as my line of business because it was safe. I knew I could do it no problem.

I’ve been putting on events for over a decade, so essentially for me consulting was a no brainer. So what changed? I realized I love the experiences that I create for my attendees. Creating an experience for a client and their attendees is much different. The connection with attendees will no longer be there. I would lose out on what I loved most. This was my big ah ha moment. What I also realized was if I stick to only consulting, what about everything else? How can I then integrate my other skills and interests? This was another big ah ha moment.

Fast forward to today, seven months later, the new reframed business is setting my soul on fire! I did not hold back. I got the white board out (you know that means business) and started to jot down everything I envisioned Colibri & Co. to be. I of course kept events as part of the picture, except this time they would be events that I create that focus on our well-being, that lead us into well-doing. I added apparel and accessories as part of the picture. This is a creative outlet for me. I constantly find myself sketching or telling my husband, “that needs to be a tee!” and I thought why not create. Creating positive messaging on things we wear and use on a daily is how I can help spread more joy and smiles.

All that is Covid-19…

During a time of such sadness, confusion, frustration and uncertainty with all that is Covid-19, with all that is unjust and unprecedented, I thought NOW!  Now is the time to kick this thing off. Now is the time to inspire positivity and transformation. It’s like I was in alignment with not only myself, but the freakin’ universe! There have been so many heavy shifts in our world, community and within us. Instead of me waiting to start that event I’ve been wanting to host, I decided NOW.

I, all of a sudden…okay, this could have also been that I now had two coaches that I was working with and they deserve mucho credit, but all of a sudden with my coaches’ encouragement and my many ah ha moments, I felt this sense of urgency to go for it. Go all in, no holding back anymore. Fast forward a little more to present day, I have gone all in and there is so much momentum. I added a third pillar to the big picture. Ambassadors. Amor Ambassadors. I want to highlight people in our communities doing amazing work. There’s just not enough positive news out there, but how is that true when I know some amazing people in our communities doing amazing work? Why not highlight them? And let’s take it even a step further, why not use the Colibri & Co. platform as a force for good?

That’s exactly what it’s becoming. I will provide the opportunity for like-minded souls to join the Amor Ambassador community– earn commission, get access to resources that will help with their personal and professional growth and most importantly,  connect. I am so excited to see what comes of this and the amazing people I will get to work with. I’m excited to see what not holding back will lead to. What listening to my intuition and coaches will do and how this very process will help with my goal of becoming better. A better mom, wife, daughter, sister, tía, friend and leader, because again, I truly believe when we give ourselves permission to show up at our best, everybody benefits. 

What can help you reframe…

If you too are feeling like you have been holding back or you are second guessing if what you are doing right now for work or your business is not one hundred percent in alignment to what feels true to you, there’s a couple of things I know can help you. One, a white board. Okay kidding, sort of. Give yourself a space where you can go and get as creative as possible (for me that is a whiteboard with colorful pens) but doesn’t mean this is for you. You can use a journal, a chalkboard, whatever you feel can help you jot down your vision. Go big, don’t hold back. Second, get yourself a coach or a mentor.

If you can find a solid mentor that’s great! If you can invest in a coach, go for it. Trust me, the investment is one thousand percent worth it, but make sure you trust this coach, do your research. What a mentor or coach can help you with is talk about your vision (out loud) because how many times do we have a visualization and only think about it, not talk about? Coaches ask you questions, questions you would have never thought to ask yourself that force you to dig deeper. That’s where your ah ha moments will start to come up and that’s when you can go back to the drawing board and reframe whatever it is you need to reframe in your life. You cannot put a price on clarity. This is why I reframed my business, for clarity. Clarity has reignited my purpose. In a time when we are faced with many challenges–slowing down, taking a few steps back to re-evaluate what our priorities are can help us take a deeper look at what matters most to us. It was in the midst of the most challenging times that I discovered how much connection really matters, and I would have lost that had I not taken the time to slow down, ask for help and put the pieces back together. 

When you are clear about your vision, you become unstoppable. YOU too can do it. Take the first step. Go grab some pens, colors, markers, chalk and pay a visit to your inner child-like self, draw or list what you want this vision to be(come). Let this vision inspire you. Then, if you do feel that inspiration, that fire in your soul, go get yourself a mentor and/or a coach. Do it, do it, do it! You’ve got this.  

So what else can you expect from this blog?

Bits of pieces of my personal journey and a lot more on what you can do to create positive change in you life, community and the world. I look forward to connecting with you. I look forward to learning of your journey. I look forward to serving as a resource should you need it when it comes to creating that change that is already within your capacity. 

Cheering you on!

Tu amiga,